Here are 10 tips for using Instagram for business marketing

Here are 10 tips for using Instagram for business marketing


Every day, hundreds of millions of people use Instagram. You can reach large numbers of people from different parts of the globe through this social media platform.

Instagram can be used for business marketing. It will help you grow your brand, increase traffic to your site, grow your email list, and generate sales.

  1. Keep it Social

Use Instagram to market your business. Think social, not advertising. Make content that your target audience will engage with. Don’t ignore it because it seems too spammy. To get people to follow you, show that you enjoy pictures in your niche.

  • Offer value
  • Instagram users are active shoppers and are looking for information. The more you can provide them with images, stories, and carousels, the better.

  • Use Stories
  • Instagram Stories offer instant information and instant gratification. These stories last for 24 hours, so they create a sense urgency and excitement.

  • Use Hashtags
  • Your images will be found by many people who actively search for specific hashtags. A study on Instagram found that adding at most one hashtag to every post will increase engagement by more than 12%.

  • Get involved
  • Each post should contain a call to action that aligns with your business goals. Instagram offers a variety of buttons such as “Buy Now”

  • Link back to your site
  • You can drive traffic to your website with Instagram. Instagram is used by more than half of SMM Panel all users who follow at least one company and claim to have found out about a product or service via Instagram.

  • Consistent brand image
  • Be consistent with your page’s theme. Use only photos, hashtags or captions that are relevant to the page’s topic.

  • Make a good profile
  • Make sure your Instagram profile tells your target audience who you are and what your do. Instagram’s search engine uses text to find you. You have a greater chance of being found if you use a keyword that is related to your business.

  • Change from personal to business
  • To gain full access to the analytics and tools available, convert to a business account.

  • Make the most of your analytics
  • It’s easy to analyze your Instagram marketing efforts. Instagram Insights provides all relevant information about your page. This allows you to see the results of your marketing efforts.

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